Alan Blueheart Musician

This site has replaced my Gary Moore/ Lizzy Tribute/Rock guitar site, due to lack of communication and an apparent closed shop local music scene and will now be used to showcase my love of classical music, and bits and pieces that don't particularly belong with my jazz stuff.

I did take classical lessons for a short while as a youngster and have spent the past 30 years or so building on that self-taught. My classical repertoire is wide and varied including pieces by all the well-known composers like Bach and Beethoven as well as those associated purely for the classical guitar such as Francisco Tarrega and Matteo Carcassi.

My jazz sites can be found at Alan Blueheart and AlanBManchester which for now at least is near enough the same site duplicated.

If any UK music agencies do come across any of my stuff and have an authentic interest please do get in touch, preferably phone thank you.

This is a new site so please be patient as links and content are added here. Meanwhile I hope you enjoy the video clips below. Thanks for visiting!